Bayview Avenue resurfacing complete

The road was covered with pot holes, but it seems like the resurfacing of Bayview is now complete.  This now makes it one of the nicest roads to drive on in Great Neck.

Thanks public works!

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It looks like they are finally giving a face lift (or at least painting it) to the disgusting Associated Supermarket on Middle Neck Road.  Perhaps next they will renovate it? I don’t know how they can have that store and not be ashamed at how dirty it is inside.

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Best of Great Neck: Where is the best place to have your dry cleaning/alterations done?

Where is the best place to get your dry cleaning/alterations done in Great Neck?

Subsequently – where should we avoid?

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The 40 MPH trick

I noticed this and it has worked every time I have done it – if you drive 40 MPH through town you can get from south of the train station through all of Middle Neck Road without stopping at a stoplight.  While I know the speed limit is 30 and I am not encouraging people to speed, it is quite interesting, don’t you think?

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Is there anything we can do about the Raccoons?

It seems like there are thousands of Raccoon’s in Great Neck, while I am not sure if they do much for the eco-system is there anything we can do to at least limit their population? Maybe they can capture a bunch of them and take them somewhere else?  They are getting out of hand!

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More sidewalks please

Being an orthodox town that we are, a lot of people walk around – and not just on Saturday’s.  So why are there not mandatory sidewalks on every street (I know, I know, this would mean taking away some property from people, but there are a lot of streets that they could add a sidewalk without having to do this)?  In addition to this – can we get some lights in Kings Point?  We know people like their privacy but being alive is more important than a couple extra street lights.

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Dougie’s coming to Great Neck

We are sure everyone knows already but Dougie’s has taken the spot of the now failed 2012 Cafe.  Hopefully their service is a lot better but from what we hear their food is amazing will be nothing to worry about.  We have seen some construction  going on there however we are not sure when they expect to open up.

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PHOTOS: It looks like construction is almost complete at the LIRR station

Check out the pictures below! It looks a lot nicer but we are worried about what traffic will be like when trains arrive during peak periods, three lanes wasn’t enough before and now that they have cut that down to two it could create a major bottleneck.

More pics after the break.  Continue reading

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Shop Delight expanding

If you haven’t been there lately then you wouldn’t know that Shop Delight has rented out the store next to them and has already expanded into it.  This will probably help ease some of the crowding in the store although we are sure they will end up filling it with more products and will need to expand again!

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Shiraz finally opens up

We had a chance to check out the brand new Shiraz Restaurant tonight in Great Neck (Formerly Danny’s).

The place was renovated beautifully – it pains us to hear how annoying the village was before letting them open.  Why would they not want people to invest in nice restaurants for our town?

Back to what is more important – the food was great (as expected since Danny’s takeout was always good) although they had some apparent opening mishaps that obviously need to be worked out, however we are sure Fred (the main owner) will clear them up in the coming weeks.  This brings the Great Neck Persian Restaurant count to 5 now, do you think that is the max or is there any room for more?

Shiraz Persian Cuisine
770 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11023
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