Shiraz finally opens up

We had a chance to check out the brand new Shiraz Restaurant tonight in Great Neck (Formerly Danny’s).

The place was renovated beautifully – it pains us to hear how annoying the village was before letting them open.  Why would they not want people to invest in nice restaurants for our town?

Back to what is more important – the food was great (as expected since Danny’s takeout was always good) although they had some apparent opening mishaps that obviously need to be worked out, however we are sure Fred (the main owner) will clear them up in the coming weeks.  This brings the Great Neck Persian Restaurant count to 5 now, do you think that is the max or is there any room for more?

Shiraz Persian Cuisine
770 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11023
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  • Herselino

    Good Service and Excellent Kosher Food.